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Within this section you can:

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Aylesbury Visitor Information Centre  - consultation closed and analysis underway

Aylesbury Visitor Information Centre is located just off the Market Square in Aylesbury. It provides a range of services including providing local information, UK-wide holiday destination information and bookings, souvenirs, local gifts and coach ticket bookings.

AVDC are looking to improve the centre’s service to residents and visitors alike and asked for views in this short online survey.

Recycling and waste household collection survey - consultation closed and analysis underway

It's now almost two years since we introduced the 'all-in-one' recycling bin and food waste collections. Since then our recycling has more than doubled to between 50 - 55% and we are aiming to improve this further - our target is to reach 60% by 2016.

Recently, contamination of some recycling bins, with items that aren't accepted in our household recycling collection scheme has had a negative impact on our recycling rates. We'd like to find out how you feel the system is working; does it help you recycle more things, or do you find it harder to work out which bin to put things in? Have the changes to the collection service helped you create less waste generally? Do you throw less food away now and recycle more things?

Analysis is currently underway and will be reported in early autumn.

AV Times readership survey - on-street interviews now completed

AVDC's council news magazine, the Aylesbury Vale Times, is becoming increasingly important as a source of council news to residents and businesses alike. We've recently expanded it from 16 to 24 pages and include more advertising to help cover production costs.

Those who took part in our online and on-street interviews, thank you. Your comments are helping us plan future issues. We have just completed a short programme of on-street interviews with residents, both those who read or don't read Aylesbury Vale Times, to get a wider picture of how it is viewed by local people.  We'll be posting feedback on the whole consultation in May when the analysis should be completed.

Proposed new licensing scheme for Houses in Multiple Occupation - survey now closed

We are proposing to introduced housing standards for these types of accommodation to ensure that people living in HMOs can enjoy living in safe, well maintained housing. Under the proposed new scheme HMO landlords would have to apply for a licence to operate an HMO. The licence would enable AVDC to check that good housing standards are maintained to benefit both the local neighbourhood and tenants.

Comments from landlords, tenants, neighbours living near an HMO or organisations interested in tenant welfare have participated. Analysis is now underway and we'll be reporting the results later in June.

Aylesbury Vale Community Safety Partnership - scroll down to view consultation report below

The Aylesbury Vale Community Safety Partnership is a statutory group (including the police and local councils) working to reduce crime and disorder in the district. The on-line Aylesbury wide crime survey, conducted in December 2013, found that priorities proposed by the partnership for it’s next three year strategy (2014/17) were considered correct. Respondents also indicated which top three issues the partnership should focus on in town centres and which three ‘general crimes’, ‘anti-social behaviours’ and ‘rural crimes’ should be focused on.

As a result of the survey, ‘safe and secure town centres’ and ‘focusing on crimes that have a significant impact on victims and communities’ will be priorities in the new strategy, and actions will be included in the Community Safety Partnership Plan to take forward matters raised in the survey. The plan will be published on the AVDC website in May 2014.

Community centres   survey report below
Currently, community centres cost the council almost half a million pounds a year to run, so our consultation aimed to get a fuller picture as to how local people use them, and what they want from them in the future. 

Thank you for your feedback. In response to hirers comments, we are introducing a two-hour booking slot in the near future. All findings are being used in the discussions with colleagues and partner organisations in considering future use and running of the centres. See below for a downloadable copy of the consultation report.

Aylesbury Markets - survey report below

AVDC manages several markets in Aylesbury and Winslow. To help better understand the requirements of shoppers, our consultation aimed to find out what is important to you when considering whether to shop at a market, whether you are a regular market shopper, or rarely (or never) purchase from a market. Thank you for your feedback.

Theatre in the Villages - survey closed

Theatre in the Villages is a rural touring scheme that brings professional theatre and entertainment to village halls across Buckinghamshire. Our consultation reviewed the 2013 programme and asked what people thought of the programme and the shows they attended. Thank you for all your feedback.

98% of respondents rated the shows seen as 'good' or 'very good'. We also received some very useful suggestions about the presentation of venues, eg signage or lighting, which we will be sharing with venue providers. We're seeking ways to incorporate other ideas into the 2014 season.

The 'Theatre in the Villages' programme for 2014 will run from the end of September to early December 2014. Look out for more information in the July issue of Aylesbury Vale Times.

Draft Housing & Homelessness Strategy Consultation - survey now closed

AVDC’s current Housing and Homelessness Strategy expired and a new draft strategy has been produced for 2014 - 2017 which was consulted on. This encompass the changes brought about by the Localism Act 2011 and recent welfare reforms.We're now analysing feedback on the draft strategy and a report will be drafted in the next few months for discussion at an AVDC Cabinet meeting.

AVDC Afterschool and holiday childcare survey - survey closed

AVDC runs an after school club and holiday playscheme in Aylesbury catering for 4 to 12 year olds. Both are run at the Jonathan Page Play Centre (Jonathan Page) in Meadowcroft, an Ofsted registered dedicated play centre. Our consultation aimed to find out what's important to parents when considering after school and holiday childcare in Aylesbury, for children aged 4+. A report was presented to cabinet on 17 December including the survey results.

Draft Aylesbury Town Centre Improvement Plan - survey closed

To make sure Aylesbury develops in line with our growing population - and changing customer expectations - we've developed the Draft Aylesbury Town Centre Improvement Plan in liaison with Buckinghamshire County Council. This sets out our joint Vision for the town centre and the guiding principles we believe should underlie any major change and development. It also outlines some ideas as to how key areas of the town could be improved.

A new approach to gaining planning permission - 12 June to 8 August 2013  - survey closed. As a result the new householder extensions Local Development Order introduced on 1 November 2013.

Bucks Home Choice housing review - 22 April - 2 June 2013 - survey closed. As a result, the way the housing register works and how we allocate homes will change. People on the current register have until 14 May 2014 to re-register. To find out more visit the Bucks Home Choice website.


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Community Safety Partnership consultation report Jan 2014


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Shopping at Markets Nov 2013


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HMO Consultation Document

Summary of proposals to introduce Additional Licensing of HMOs

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Community Centres - summary of consultation results 17.2.14


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Local Crime Issues survey report 4.6.13

Executive summary of survey findings

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AVDC Corporate Consultation 2011-12 full report

Summary report of findings 2011-2012

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Residents survey - changing how you contact us April 2011

Summary of AVDC's results from the joint survey with Bucks CC, in Spring 2011

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Annual Report of Residents Surveys Nov 2010


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Advertising on the AVDC website

Findings from the consultation about advertising on AVDC's website

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