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Aylesbury Vale Community Safety Partnership (CSP) - Emerging crimes survey 

The partnership is a statutory group including local councils and the police, working together to reduce crime and disorder in Aylesbury Vale. Over the past three years it has focused its activity on creating safe and secure town centres, cutting anti-social behaviour and responding to other crimes local people are most concerned about.

A recent review of local crimes identified changes in the ways and types of crimes being committed, what is referred to as emerging crimes - by 'emerging' we mean things like cyber crimes, legal highs or child sexual exploitation.

This consultation seeks to find out how aware and informed local people feel about  emerging crimes and how they might find out about them. Your responses are important in helping shape how the partnerships future action plans adapt in response to  emerging crimes, alongside the more traditional crime prevention activities undertaken. Survey closes Friday 8 May 2015

Aylesbury Vale Times, AVDC's news magazine readership survey - survey now closed.

Our last readership survey was almost 18 months ago. We had some really positive responses and some constructive comments, for example, we're including more news from around the district, out of Aylesbury.  Generally speaking, every item in the magazine has to be connected to our council services in some way and some also promote the local area.

We're striving to make this a magazine that's interesting to all residents, whilst including all the essential council news. With that in mind, we've introduced some new features in the last year or so, including Local Loves, Star Recycler and Your Council (features the changes we're making to manage Government budget cuts). We've also continued to include competitions which have proved popular.

Your views really do matter and your comments will help us plan future issues, so please let us know what you think of the current magazine.

Aylesbury Visitor Information Centre 2014 - summary of findings Aylesbury Visitor Information Centre (VIC) is located just off the Market Square in Aylesbury. It provides a range of services including providing local information, UK-wide holiday destination information and bookings, souvenirs, local gifts and coach ticket bookings. A survey was undertaken in the summer months of  2014; it's aim to help improve the service to visitors and residents, improve the commerciality of the centre and determine the barriers for the service. Findings from the survey are being utilised in the review of the centre. Key findings were:
• The three most important features of a good VIC location included: Town centre (68%), highly visible (55%) and accessible (53%) 
• The two most important services the VIC offers include: Information about visiting local attraction (58%) and buying tickets for local events (48%)
• When asked about the gifts, souvenirs and cards available at the VIC, approximately 55% of respondents stated that they weren’t aware that the VIC sold them
• 49% of respondents said that they find it difficult to source gifts locally

Recycling and waste household collection survey 2014 - consultation report below

Proposed licensing scheme for Houses in Multiple Occupation 2014 - findings helped design new licensing for HMO's Comments from landlords, tenants, neighbours living near an HMO or organisations interested in tenant welfare were welcomed and many have participated. Analysis is complete and new licensing has just been launched for HMO's.

Aylesbury Vale Community Safety Partnership 2014 - consultation report below.

Aylesbury Markets 2013 - survey report below.


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R&W survey results Sept 2014


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Community Safety Partnership consultation report Jan 2014


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Shopping at Markets Nov 2013


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HMO Consultation Document

Summary of proposals to introduce Additional Licensing of HMOs

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Community Centres - summary of consultation results 17.2.14


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Local Crime Issues survey report 4.6.13

Executive summary of survey findings

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AVDC Corporate Consultation 2011-12 full report

Summary report of findings 2011-2012

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