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Chief Executive

Image of Andrew Grant, Chief Executive of AVDC

Andrew Grant, Chief Executive of AVDC

Information about AVDC's chief executive.

Andrew Grant is the chief executive. He manages the council and is leader of Corporate Board. He also directly manages the following:

  • Administration
  • Communications, Marketing & Town Centre Management
  • Legal and Estate Services

AVDC Corporate Board:

  • Andrew Grant, Chief Executive
  • Jon McGinty, Deputy Chief Executive
  • Tracey Aldworth, Director 
  • Andrew Small, Director
  • Teresa Lane, Head of Communications, Marketing & Town Centre Management
  • Maria Memoli, Head of Legal Services
  • Alan Evans, Head of IT

Deputy Chief Executive

Jon McGinty is Deputy Chief Executive. He manages the council in the absence of the Chief Executive and the Directors report to him.

For details of our policies see the link below.

See related links for details of the Statement of Accounts, Cabinet and our Corporate Plan.

If you would like more information about service plans please contact the relevant service.

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The AVDC Corporate Plan sets out our priorities for 2011-2015.


Our services are delivered to an agreed set of policies and strategies. All the documents have been sub divided into relevant topics which can be selected from the menu on the left.


Within this section you will find the constitution of the council, details of the political composition and management arrangements of the council and the role of full council.


You can view our latest audited Statement of Accounts by clicking on the following links.  If you require prior reports then please contact us and we can send them to you. There is also a link to the Audit Commission's guidance, ...