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Council tax

Image of The new logo for the council tax bills

The new logo for the council tax bills

What is council tax?

We all use public services.  Some are funded by government grants and the rest are paid by collecting council tax.

The council tax is collected by Aylesbury Vale District Council for the Aylesbury Vale area but much of what we collect is passed to other authorities to help fund the services they provide.  More information about how the money is used for services.

Council tax is charged for all properties which are classed as being for domestic use.  Business properties will be charged National Non-Domestic Rates (NNDR or business rates). More Information on business rates can be found on the business rates page.

Council tax you pay is based partly upon the value of your property.  More information about the valuation of your property and its council tax band.

Once we know the council tax band Aylesbury Vale District Council assign the charge to the property.  Current council tax charges.  

You may then qualify for a reduction in your council tax charge. Information on properties exempt from paying council tax.

Information about discounts from the council tax charge.

Information on the new council tax reduction scheme, which helps to pay the council tax for those on a low income 

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