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Aylesbury Vale Community Safety Partnership

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What is the community safety partnership?

The Aylesbury Vale Community Safety Partnership (CSP) co-ordinates local activities to reduce crime and disorder and makes sure agencies and groups such as the police and fire service, work together rather than alone.

The community safety partnership started in 1998 and partners include:

• Aylesbury Vale District Council
• Bucks County Council
• Bucks Fire & Rescue
• Thames Valley Police
• Bucks Clinical Commissioning  Group                                                                                               
• Aylesbury Vale District Council

These partners have a duty to work with other local agencies and organisation's to develop and implement strategies to tackle crime and disorder including anti-social behaviour and the misuse of drugs.

Working as a partnership allows us to look at issues in greater depth and has the ability to offer a number of solutions a single agency simply could not provide. The partnership meets regularly with other organisation's (such as Bucks Fire & Rescue) to select the best course of action for reducing crime and disorder, to undertake activities and to monitor their impact.

The CSP has a strategic assessment once a year. This consists of a wide range of data that is gathered. The assessment is then used to agree the priorities for the partnership for the coming year.

Please see the Community Safety Strategy for 2014-2017 as well as the new Community Safety Partnership Plan (2014/15) and what our priorities are for this year attached below.


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Community Safety Strategy 2014-17


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Community Safety Strategy 2011-2014

Community Safety Strategy 2011-2014

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