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Emergency planning

Our role involves preparing the authority by coordinating the planning our response during and following a disruption which affects the community or our own services.

Both areas of work are statutory duties imposed by the Civil Contingencies Act 2004.

  • Our emergency response is designed to support the emergency services as required during a major incident. We help those people involved in the event – survivors, friends and family.
  • The business continuity work aims to prepare us to respond internally to maintain our services when we are prevented from using of one of our office buildings (fire, flood) or many officers are not available for work (snow, flu, etc).

In preparation for an emergency response, we work in close collaboration with neighbouring local authorities and emergency services under the Thames Valley Local Resilience Forum (LRF). This helps ensure our responses dovetail together during an incident.

We have plans for how we will respond in various situations and many are covered by our generic Emergency Plan. This gives elements for a potential response which can be selected to suit the actual event. Other responses to specific predictable events (such as flooding at Buckingham) have their own special plans.

Our business continuity planning is based around each service considering its top priority functions and what it needs (staff, equipment, services, etc) to continue providing them at the minimum acceptable level. These plans are supported by a corporate plan which directs how the overall response will be managed and how the needs of each service will be met. In situations where there is potential for widespread disruption to staff (heavy snow, flu or other pandemic, etc) a process is in place for daily reporting of the status of each service.


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