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About candidates

Who represents you, and makes the decisions about issues that affect you, depends on where you live.

Because of the way democracy is organised some people have more representatives than others.

In this area you have representatives for the following:

  • UK parliament
  • European parliament
  • county council
  • district council
  • parish or town council.

You may have more than one representative on any one of these.

What is a candidate?

A candidate is a person who is hoping to be elected. At every election there will be a number of different candidates standing in your area. They are usually from a political party, but some may stand as independent candidates.

Can I stand as a candidate?

To stand as a candidate in an election in this area you need to be aged 18 or over and be a British citizen, a citizen of another Commonwealth country, or the Irish Republic. Citizens of other EU member countries can stand in any election in the UK, except for the UK parliament general election. There are other rules about standing for election, for example you cannot stand for election if you have been in prison or declared bankrupt.


Date Updated: 29/12/09

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