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We want everyone to live in a decent and safe home.

Use the links on the left to find out about housing options for people seeking homes in the district, as well as general advice on housing and moving into or around the district.

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How does the scheme work? AVDC provides a flexible home improvement loan to help you make your home safer, warmer, healthier or more comfortable during your retirement. Interest on the loan will be charged at a low rate linked to the Bank of E...


It’s your responsibility to look after your property if it floods. However, the emergency services, local authorities and public utility services will try to help where they can. Buckinghamshire Fire and Rescue When there’s a fl...


The list below shows which water company supplies your town or village. Anglian Water Tel: 08457 145 145 Addington Hillesden ...


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What is Welfare Reform? The Welfare Reform Act is a law that was passed in 2012 to change the way the benefit system works. The changes will affect almost everyone on benefits but they will be introduced gradually over the next few years. A...


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