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Are you worried about losing your home? Can’t pay the bills? Mounting debts and financial worries? Are you struggling to manage your money? Have you been made redundant, had your hours reduced or separated from your partner which means you can’t pay your household bills? Are you self employed and struggling financially?

You can get help now from AVDC’S Housing Debt Advice Team. We are experienced and Institute of Money Adviser accredited money advisers that can offer free, confidential help and advice. We can negotiate with your creditors, represent you in court, help to reduce your expenditure and maximise your income and assist you with budgeting your money. We can also give benefits advice and help with insolvency options such as Debt Relief Orders (DRO)

The Welfare Reform Act 2012 has brought in some radical changes to benefit entitlements. Follow the link to see how the benefit changes will affect you.

If you want to find out more and would like to make an appointment then call the Housing Debt Advice Team on 01296 585168.

Frequently asked questions

Browse the questions most frequently asked. If you are unable to find the answer you are looking for then please feel free to ask us a question by contacting the team on 01296 585168.

Are you worried about paying your mortgage?

Do you have mortgage arrears?

Are you worried about paying your rent?

Do you have rent arrears?

Is your current housing unaffordable?

Do you have council tax arrears? Or received a court summons or liability order?

Have you received any court paperwork?

Are you in arrears with your gas /electricity /water payments?

Are you struggling to pay your loan /credit card /catalogue payments?

Are your bank charges swallowing your money each month?

Have you lost your job or reduced your hours of work?

Do you want advice on how to budget / increase your income?

Do you have an overpayment of benefits?

Are you considering bankruptcy?

What are my debt options?

Do you owe the tax man?

Help for the self employed

Can I claim any benefits?


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Housing Debt Advice Service

Information on how AVDC's Housing Debt Advice Team can help

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