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Are you worried about paying your mortgage?

Mortgage worries?

Mortgage worries?

Your home is your most important asset and you must deal immediately with both (if applicable);

• The first mortgage – the original loan that was taken out to buy your home

• The second mortgage – this is sometimes called a second charge or a secured loan.

It is important to contact your lender straight away and tell them you have money problems. You can also contact a Housing Debt Advisor at AVDC who will talk to your mortgage lender on your behalf. They will be able to advise you of your rights, and negotiate an affordable payment plan with your lender. They can also attend court with you if you have a possession hearing.

Most lenders are committed to helping home owners who are struggling. If your lender doesn’t hear from you or doesn’t know why you haven’t made a payment, they are more likely to start legal action for repossession of your home.

Date Updated: 02/03/12

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