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National Private Tenants Organisation

The aim of the National Private Tenants Organisation (NPTO) is to work for professionally managed, secure, decent and affordable private rented homes in sustainable communities. Membership is open to private tenant groups and individual private tenants who do not have a group serving their area. We also have associate membership for organisations which would like to support our work e.g. local authorities.

The objectives of the NPTO are:

  • To strengthen the voice of private tenants by encouraging membership of the Organisation by private tenants and private tenants’ groups;
  • To encourage private tenants to set up local groups in their own areas;
  • To call for changes in legislation, strategies, policies and practices towards achieving the aim of the Organisation;
  • To work with affiliates and other individuals and organisations towards achieving the aim of the Organisation.

For more information about the NPTO please use the contact details below or follow the link to the website.

Kevin Allen
National Private Tenants Organisation
Email:  Telephone 07583 603036

Jacky Peacock
National Private Tenants Organisation
Email:  Telephone 020 3002 2786

Date Updated: 06/01/12

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