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Silverstone redevelopment gets major boost

Archived press release

Date Published: 29/05/08

Work on the new pits complex is due to start after this year’s British Grand Prix

Work on the new pits complex is due to start after this year’s British Grand Prix

The British Racing Drivers’ Club (BRDC) has moved a step closer towards securing the future of the British Grand Prix at Silverstone.

Plans to redevelop the pit and paddock complex at the world-famous motor racing circuit have been approved by Aylesbury Vale District Council’s strategic development control committee.

The development is a pre-condition of a new F1 GP contract for Silverstone circuit, laid down by governing body the Formula One Group.

Silverstone circuit falls into both Aylesbury Vale District Council and South Northamptonshire Council areas and the local authorities are working with BRDC on the long-term development and improvement of the site. A range of facilities are proposed including a manufacturer test centre, business park, extreme sport and leisure complex, two hotels, a university campus and a welcome centre with a museum.

The new pit and paddock complex, and the wider development proposals, will help attract more business to Aylesbury Vale and South Northamptonshire and create more jobs for local communities. The British Grand Prix alone contributes more than £30 million a year to the local area.

If the race were to be taken away, not only would it jeopardise income from the race itself, but also the viability of the circuit in the longer term and the many local jobs it supports.

The pit complex is the first part of the long-term development programme for Silverstone. The plans involve relocating the complex from its current location between Woodcote and Copse Corners to a new location between Club and Abbey Corners. Included in the complex are new garages, a race control building, media centre, hospitality and VIP spectator zones and a paddock for race team vehicles.

The proposals also involve creating a new pit straight with reorganised entry and exit points, a reconfiguration of Club Corner and a new Abbey section.

Sport architect HOK is responsible for the new design, which should make the circuit more sustainable and benefit the local economy.

Work on the new pits complex is due to start after this year’s British Grand Prix, and should be completed in time for the 2010 race.

Councillor Michael Edmonds, Deputy Leader of AVDC and Cabinet Member for Economic Development, said: “This is an exciting project that will help Silverstone retain the British Grand Prix and strengthen its international role as a world-class motorsport facility. We are very proud to have Silverstone in our district and want to do all we can to promote both the circuit and the wider attractions of Aylesbury Vale as a great place to visit and do business in. Our aim is to help ensure Aylesbury Vale remains the home of Formula One in Great Britain.”

Richard Phillips, Managing Director at Silverstone Circuits, said: “We are absolutely delighted that AVDC’s planning committee have unanimously supported and voted in favour of this proposed milestone development. This is a turning point for Silverstone and a bold commitment towards the BRDC’s support for motorsport in the UK and for retaining the British Grand Prix. The current programme provides for work to start on site later this year.”

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