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Public art boost for Aylesbury Vale

Archived press release

Date Published: 16/01/09

The Axis in Vale Park

The Axis in Vale Park

From the ‘Axis’ in Vale Park to the sculptures along the local cycle network, public art in Aylesbury Vale improves the district’s public spaces and is set to increase.

Aylesbury Vale District Council, in conjunction with the Arts Council South East and local organisations, has developed a public art strategy which aims to make sure that public art is encouraged and that local residents and artists are involved wherever possible.

Public art can take the form of sculpture, commissioned art, landscape features, temporary events and performances or specially designed street furniture and lighting.

The new strategy will see the introduction of a steering group which will help ensure new works of public art are of the highest artistic quality. The group will also have the task of ensuring that there is as much public involvement in the development of these projects as is possible.

Major investors in the Vale will be encouraged to consider public art from the outset and will work with the local community and local artists to deliver quality public art as part of new developments.

Public art will also be a highly visible feature of the new theatre in Aylesbury. A programme of community art will be hosted at the theatre and the public plaza outside the venue will play host to both temporary and permanent art installations reflecting the town’s cultural history.

In addition, the council is aiming to secure funding for new artworks through developer contributions, to include public art in affordable housing schemes and to support the development of community arts education programmes in the run up to the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

“The arts can make a significant contribution towards improving individuals’ sense of wellbeing, community cohesion and economic regeneration.” said Councillor David Thompson, Cabinet Member for Leisure. “We believe the arts are important to the people living, working, studying in and visiting Aylesbury Vale. It is because of this, that the council has developed a strategy that sets out a considered and detailed approach for the development and delivery of public art in the district over the next five years. It is an exciting opportunity to help shape the arts in the Vale for present and future generations to enjoy.”

The public art strategy was approved by the council’s cabinet at a meeting on 13 January. The document will be available to download from the council’s website in due course. To request a paper copy, please call 01296 585206.

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