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Blueprint for future development may be withdrawn

Archived press release

Date Published: 24/08/10

AVDC has the chance to look again at the level of growth

AVDC has the chance to look again at the level of growth

AVDC is proposing to ask the government for permission to withdraw its plans for Aylesbury Vale’s future growth.

The council’s core strategy outlines the vision, key objectives and overall principles for development in the Vale up to 2026.

AVDC submitted its core strategy to the government in 2009 and it was subject to scrutiny at an Examination in Public (EIP) before an independent planning inspector earlier this year.

However, before the inspector issued his final report, the Communities and Local Government (CLG) Secretary Eric Pickles abolished the South East Plan, which was central to the development of the council’s core strategy. Under the old regional plan, Aylesbury Vale was required to plan for 26,890 new homes by 2026.

As a result, AVDC will formally consider whether to withdraw its core strategy from the examination process at a full council meeting on 8 September.

Technically the council is not allowed to withdraw the strategy once submitted which means it must seek the government’s approval to take this course of action. If they agree that a withdrawal is required, the core strategy process will end. The council is awaiting more details from the government on how a new plan for future growth could be developed in consultation with local communities.

Councillor John Cartwright, Leader of the Council, said: “We know there has been much disquiet over the housing numbers in Aylesbury Vale with approaching 2,500 representations to the process. Given this and the opportunity the new coalition government has given us, the most sensible course of action is to withdraw our core strategy from the examination process. This will give us the chance to look again at the level of growth that is right for the whole of the district.

“The government’s plans are not yet completely formed but we hope that they’ll support our priority of creating new jobs and homes for local people and that they’ll allow us to continue to attract new investment to our local economy. Once we have more details from the government, which is expected in the autumn, we will debate the issues to ensure everyone is clear on the way forward.”

The scrapping of the regional housing targets will not mean the end of all housing growth for Aylesbury Vale. Development is already committed for some 8,000 new homes at sites such as Berryfields to the north-west of Aylesbury.

Various developers have submitted applications or indicated to the council that they are likely to be submitting planning applications for large scale residential development in the near future. These applications will be subject to the normal consultations and will be dealt with through the development control process.

The full council meeting will be held at The Oculus, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury, on 8 September.

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