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Pay and display for Winslow car park

Archived press release

Date Published: 02/08/10

Aylesbury Vale District Council is putting forward new parking charges in Winslow that will come into effect later this year.

The Greyhound Lane car park will be fitted with a pay and display machine to collect payments ranging from 30p to £2.50.

The new parking charges will generate extra revenue to help maintain other essential council services.

Drivers will be able to park for free in Greyhound Lane for the first hour. The pay and display charges will be 30p for a two-hour stay, 50p for three hours, £1 for four hours, £1.50 for five hours and £2.50 for 24 hours.

The charges will only apply between 8am and 6.30pm, Monday to Saturday, allowing visitors to park for free in the evenings, on Sundays and on public holidays.

Parking in Market Square will remain free for the first hour. The charge for the second hour will rise from 20p to 30p.

AVDC officers met with Winslow Town Council recently to discuss how the authorities might best work together to manage the impact of this budgetary decision on the local area. Despite lengthy discussions, the councils were unable to reach an agreement which would avoid the need to introduce these charges.

However, AVDC is willing to consider issuing a reduced cost permit for a limited number of residents identified as having no alternative parking and to explore any additional opportunities to provide a long stay parking facility in Winslow in addition to that which will exist at the Greyhound Lane car park.

The council also intends (in a response to a comment received from a Winslow business) to offer businesses the opportunity to purchase parking permits in the Greyhound Lane car park, so that their staff do not need to find coins on a daily basis.

It’s anticipated that Buckinghamshire County Council will review on-street parking restrictions in Winslow in the new year and AVDC would be willing to contribute financial resources towards the costs of making any changes to the restrictions resulting from that review. The council is also willing to install, maintain and enforce pay and display in the Public Hall car park and return all pay and display income from that car park to Winslow Town Council.

Councillor Kevin McPartland, Cabinet Member for Civic Amenities, said: “There is an equity argument as to why car parking charges need to be introduced in Winslow and Buckingham. Up until now, the council taxpayers across the Vale have been effectively subsidising the users of these car parks to obtain what they have perceived to be a free facility, even though everyone knows that these car parks cost public money to maintain. The view of the council is that the car park user should pay something towards the service that they are obtaining, in order that the subsidy contribution from council taxpayers across the Vale is equitable. However, AVDC has ensured that by proposing only modest charges, keeping the first hour free, and fixing these tariffs for two years, any effect on Winslow traders’ custom will be minimal.”

It’s anticipated that details of the charges will be advertised from next month when members of the public will be able to comment on the changes. The council will give consideration to any requests it receives to vary the days and times that tariffs will be applied to.

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