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Spare a minute to secure your vote

Archived press release

Date Published: 31/08/10

Register to vote - it only takes a minute

Register to vote - it only takes a minute

Eligible voters can send Aylesbury Vale District Council a text message to guarantee themselves a vote in next year’s elections.

With local elections taking place in 2011 together with a national referendum on electoral reform, it is important that people who wish to have their say make sure their names are included on the electoral register.

People should not assume that they are automatically registered because they have voted before or because they pay council tax.

AVDC has sent out letters asking Aylesbury Vale residents to sign up for the electoral register . Anyone who did so last year and whose circumstances have not changed need only confirm their details.

And AVDC has provided three simple methods for this – by telephone using a freephone number, by text message and on the internet.

By law households must provide these details – even if people living there have no intention of voting. Not registering every year could result in a fine of up to £1,000.

Failure to register can also lead to refusals for mortgages, loans or even mobile phone contracts. This is because the electoral register is one of the criteria credit reference agencies use to assess someone’s eligibility.

Registering promptly avoids the need for electoral registration canvassers to call at people’s homes to chase up missing details. Avoiding these unnecessary visits will save council tax payers’ money.

Councillor John Cartwright, Leader of the Council, said: “If your details haven’t changed, registering by freephone or text only takes a minute and reduces postage costs. You can also help save money and the environment by registering to vote straightaway – sending out reminders to households who have not registered is expensive and, in most cases, unnecessary.”

When the letter drops onto the doormat, provided the pre-printed details are correct, those with a touch-tone phone can call 0800 197 6185 and punch in their two-part security code contained on the form.

Alternatively anyone with a mobile phone can text their unique number, also contained on the form, to 80212. An internet option is also available at

And those who were not previously on the register or whose details are different can fill out the form and post it back in the pre-paid envelope provided.

Forms will be addressed to ‘The Present Occupier’. Where there is more than one household living in a property one resident should complete and return the form on behalf of the others living there.

For more information visit or call 01296 585807.

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