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Joint action to highlight dog fouling problems in Buckingham

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Date Published: 22/03/12

AVDC and Buckingham Town Council highlight dog fouling

AVDC and Buckingham Town Council highlight dog fouling

Dog owners are being encouraged to clean up after their pets as part of a joint action to tackle dog fouling in Buckingham.

Aylesbury Vale District Council and Buckingham Town Council are working together to reduce the number of incidents of dog fouling in the area and aim to grab the attention of dog walkers while reminding them why it is important that they clean up after their pets.

As part of the joint action, council officers will target problem areas by using temporary marker paint to spray around the dog mess. This will make it easier for park users to avoid stepping in the faeces and will give a clear indication of just how much dog mess is being left by dog owners. There will also be posters put up to encourage responsible dog ownership.

Council officers have been concerned about how much dog mess is being left on pavements, and in parks and open spaces, particularly Bourton Park, and have received complaints from a number of residents. Having heard about the temporary marker paint being successfully used to raise awareness of the problem by councils in other parts of the country, they have decided to try the technique in Buckingham.

Dog walking is a popular activity within Bourton Park and provided dogs are kept under control, kept within sight at all times and their mess is cleared up, Buckingham Town Council is keen to welcome dog walkers to the open space.

The council believes that the majority of dog walkers that use the park are responsible and do clear up after their pets, but there is a minority who fail to take responsibility for their dogs and clean up after them. Not only can treading in dog mess completely spoil a visit to the park, it also poses a significant health risk.

There are five dog bins in the park, so there are really no excuses for leaving dog mess behind. Dog walkers should be aware that failure to clear up their dog’s faeces can result in an on the spot fine or attract a prosecution resulting in a fine of up to £1,000 and AVDC has asked Police Community Support Officers to be proactive in issuing fines.

Councillor Brian Roberts, Cabinet Member for Civic Amenities at AVDC, said: "Some people might not see this as an important issue, but for the many people who make use of Bourton Park it is very important. It is an offence but fundamentally we are asking dog owners to be more responsible, to think of others and clear up any mess, so that everyone can continue to enjoy the area. We hope the paint will help highlight the problem and change people’s behaviour.”

Councillor Roberts added: “Dog fouling is a district-wide problem not just one affecting Buckingham. We want to encourage dog walkers across the Vale to be more responsible when it comes to dealing with their pets’ waste.”

Lee Phillips, Green Spaces Manager at Buckingham Town Council, said: "We have always welcomed dog owners to use Bourton Park and it is such a shame that a few should behave so irresponsibly, making it messy for us all and creating a health hazard. Let’s hope that this novel scheme will remind them to act more appropriately and that they will bag and bin their pets’ mess in future. Remember the park is for us all to enjoy.”

To make a report of dog fouling, please email or telephone 01296 585395 or report via the AVDC website

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The Dogs (Fouling of Land) Act 1996 allows the local authority to prosecute irresponsible dog owners, if they do not clear up after their dog, after allowing it to foul in a designated area. Owners can be fined up to £1,000 if they fail to comply.


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