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The Council has a new petitions scheme, which sets out the procedures for submitting written and e-petitions to the Council. Ensure that you fully understand the scheme, particularly if you are wishing to create or submit a petition.

A petition or an e-petition is a quick and easy way to engage in the democratic process, bring issues to the attention of our councillors and influence local decision making. Within this section you can:

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Past petitions

We, the undersigned, petition the council to investigate urgently how pe

Sponsor: Mr Jon Harvey

Starts: 23/12/13

Ends: 03/02/14

Current signature count: 496


(Response from Councillor Neil Blake, Leader of the Council, to Mr Jon Harvey (12 February 2014))

Cabinet met last night to re-consider it earlier decision in the light of the Scrutiny Committee's request.  In accordance with the Council's scheme, Cabinet heard a statement made by a member of the public who had registered to speak.  Again, in summary, that individual asked Cabinet to maintain face to face contact facilities at both Area Offices.  Cabinet also heard from two local Councillors representing Buckingham and Winslow who put forward a similar view.  The local Buckingham Member presented the petition to me formally at the meeting and Cabinet colleagues were made aware of the view expressed via the petition.

Having taken into account all the views expressed Cabinet was still of the view that in the light of the evidence gathered about customer usage, and changes in the way in which the majority of our customers now make contact with the Council, Cabinet's original decision was the only practical and sensible way forward.  It was emphasised that the earlier decision took account of the need for flexibility in ensuring that the proposed changes were properly communicated to customers and that sufficient support was provided to those who wished to use alternative methods of contacting the Council.  It was stresses that the objective was to make the transition as seamless as possible and to ensure that the needs of the more vulnerable members of the local community would continue to be fully met.  The proposals will be implemented through a step change process over a period likely to be in the region of four months, to give the maximum assistance to customers in moving to different ways of contacting the Council.  The original decision was therefore affirmed.

You may be interested to know that our officers are working very closely with the Buckingham CAB, which since the matter was first reported to Cabinet, has concluded that the Council's proposals are the most logical way forward.  Meetings have taken place with CAB advisors and they have agreed to host our self service help points at both Winslow and Buckingham, including providing customers with support in their use.  The CAB has also agreed to undertake home visits for our customers and we will provide their advisors with training and access to our IT systems.  The CAB will potentially provide venues for surgeries.  They have offered to have vulnerable customers visit their offices and telephone our staff with the customer present in order to resolve the particular enquiry.  I hope that this demonstrates the Council's commitment to ensuring all the needs of its customers are met.

I know that the Cabinet's decision is likely to be a disappointment to you, given the sentiments expressed via the petition, but I would hope that you will understand the rationale behind Cabinet's decision in what is a continually challenging financial climate and will accept my undertaking to ensure that customers continue to be provided with a service geared specifically to their particular needs and which delivers a first time resolution of their queries.

To request that AVDC renames the 'Olympic Room' in 'The Gateway' as the

Sponsor: Mr Jon Harvey

Starts: 02/09/13

Ends: 01/12/13

Current signature count: 18


Response from Councillor Neil Blake, Leader of the Council, to Mr Jon Harvey (4 December 2013)
Thank you for the petition containing 18 e-signatures which is now closed requesting that the Olympic Room at The Gateway be renamed the Paralympic Room.  I fully appreciate the close relationship that the Paralympics Games has with Stoke Mandeville and this is continuing to be recognised through a number of legacy actions which have the support of the Council.  Notably a bi-annual Paralympic Flame Festival is to take place at Stoke Mandeville ahead of every summer and winter Paralympic Games.  The first Paralympic Heritage Flame will be lit at Stoke Mandeville Stadium on 1st March 2014 and this will form the centre piece of a community programme of events.

The Olympic Room and the other large meeting rooms at The Gateway were named in recognition of two other very significant events which were taking place in the country in the same year as the building was opened in 2012, namely the Olympics and Her Majesty The Queen's Diamond Jubilee.  I consider that the Council has given appropriate prominence to all three of these most worthwhile events and I cannot therefore agree to your request that the name of the Olympic Room should be changed.

A petition was submitted that had been conducted in Whitchurch over the

Sponsor: Ann Howard

Starts: 09/07/13

Ends: 24/07/13

Current signature count: 188


Letter dated 17 July 2013 to Mrs A Howard from Mr Andrew Grant, Chief Executive, Aylesbury Vale District Council.

Dear Mrs Howard,

Thank you for your letter dated 9 July.

Whilst I appreciate that this is a matter which has struck a cord with local residents, a large number of whom have signed your petition, I must repeat what I and others have previously told you, that the Council sees no sensible solution to the problem that is within our gift to provide and does not intend to take any action in this matter.

You have already received from this council explanations as to why the two solutions your petition urges are not feasible or suitable.  Therefore, as Mr McGinty has already advised you in his letter dated 30 May, as you have exhaused our Council's complaints procedure, if you still remain unhappy you should contact the Local Government Ombudsman whose details are below.
Local Government Ombudsman, PO Box, Coventry, CV4 0EH (Email & telephone also provided)

Yours sincerely, Andrew Grant (Chief Executive)

Aylesbury Vale District Council are selling the land on Barlow Road, whi

Sponsor: Leona Wheals

Starts: 29/01/13

Ends: 29/01/13

Current signature count: 482


Cabinet considered a report on the disposal of the former garage compound at Barlow Road, Wendover at its meeting on 12 March 2013. The full extent of the statement made in the petition was included in the Cabinet report. One of the petition organisers was present at the meeting and was invited to address Cabinet.

During consideration of this matter, Cabinet acknowledged that there were insufficient play facilities within reasonable walking distance of the Honeydene Estate, and whilst accepting that the Barlow Road site was not suitable for such use, Members asked officers to work with residents, the Parish Council and adjoining landowners to identify alternative options. Officers could provide professional support, particularly in relation to site negotiations. In addition, it might be possible to allocate some of the Section 106 funding provided through the Princess Mary Hospital development to support land acquisition or play area equipment procurement. Members were however of the view that this should not delay the sale and redevelopment of the Barlow Road site, which would secure a significant capital receipt for the Council.
Accordingly, having noted that a further report would be brought back to Cabinet at the conclusion of the investigations regarding alternative site options, Members
(1)  That the best offer received for the acquisition of the Barlow Road site for residential development purposes, as detailed in the confidential section of the report submitted, be accepted and the Head of Legal and Estates, after consultation with the Cabinet Member for Economic Development, be authorised to agree the final sale terms and the necessary legal documentation.
(2) That officers be authorised to support Wendover Parish Council and any appropriate residential body in seeking to identify, procure and fit out an alternative suitable play facility for the residents of the Honeydene Estate.

Petition re. Car Parking Problems at Whitehill Surgery

Sponsor: Mrs Rose Arrowsmith

Starts: 11/04/12

Ends: 10/07/12

Current signature count: 428


The Head of Administration wrote to the petition organiser on 17 July 2012 to inform her:-

"That following the opening of the e-petition, Council Officers met with a representative from Aylesbury Vale Estates on 25 April 2012 to discuss her concerns and future action that might be taken to assist with resolving the problem. It was agreed that the only effective solution would be to create a Traffic Order Zone in the immediate vicinity of the Whitehill Surgery. This would allow the lining of parking bays, double yellow lining of the park entrance roadway, pay and display permit machines and full warden supervision and enforcement, backed up by legal sanctions.

In order to put the above arrangements in place, AVDC would need to acquire a legal interest in the car park, which could be done by a rent-free sub-letting from the Whitehill Surgery to the Council, with the approval of Aylesbury Vale Estates. Further discussion had affirmed that it would be possible for this arrangement to be put in place.  AVDC’s Leisure Services had indicated their approval of the TOZ proposal, as it would remove illicit parking on the roadway and surrounding parkland in the vicinity of the Whitehill Surgery.

Unfortunately, however, putting the formal Traffic Order Zone in place would cost in the region of £2,500 to set up, which would need to be paid for by the Whitehill Surgery.  Should the Surgery wish the Council to proceed with a formal TOZ they were asked to contact AVDC's Estates Surveyor) who would be happy to assist."

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Rejected petitions

this is a test petition

Sponsor: Mr Harvey Pinney

We, the undersigned, request that Cllr Stuchbury calls in the original plan

Sponsor: Mr bryn jones

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