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Recycling and Waste collections - your guide to AVDC’s recycling and waste service

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Household recycling leaflet

New! AVDC bulky household items collection service - this is a new ‘pay for’ service for collection of unwanted household furniture and electrical equipment.

Find out about AVDC's bulky household items collection service here.

Garden waste collections start again on 2 & 9 February 2015.

Want a larger or smaller recycling bin?
What happens at bank holidays?
Do you need help putting out your bins?
Extra waste
Just moved here?
Missed collections

How our household collection service works - Households have indoor and outdoor food caddies, a large blue lidded recycling bin and a standard AVDC waste bin. The food waste bin is collected weekly; the recycling bin and waste bin on a rotating fortnightly basis. Please read our household advice leaflet. Alternatively print it off and affix it to your fridge door.

If you live in a flat or other property where there are communal bins, please read our communal bins advice leaflet. Alternatively, print it off and affix to your fridge as a handy guide.

Food waste bins - Both the small grey kitchen caddy and outdoor green food waste bin have  tightly fitting lids. Line the kitchen caddy with a compostable caddie liner and use it for your waste food. Put tied bags in the green outdoor food bin. Please only put food waste in this bin. Food waste bins containing other items won't be emptied.

The green food waste bin is collected weekly.

Recycling bin  - You can fill the large blue lidded recycling bin with paper, glass, cardboard, plastics, cartons, cans and tins.
Please do not put items in your bin which can't be recycled, such as plastic carrier bags - we will not collect bins that have items in which cannot be recycled. If you're not sure if an item can be recycled or not, please check the sticker inside your bin lid. Please put items in loose, not bagged up.

Recycling collections are made every fortnight.

Waste bin - All other household waste goes in your green landfill bin. This is collected fortnightly on alternate weeks with the recycling bin. We only empty AVDC bins, so please do not put out any other wheeled bin for collection.

Please note: That this bin is for household waste only. Bulky and non household waste will need to be disposed of separately.

Garden waste - Sign up to our collection service to dispose of your garden waste, or compost at home. If you're unable to home compost, take your garden waste to your local recycling and waste centre (tip). Scroll down to find your nearest one.Garden waste must not be put in your green lidded bin.

Want a larger or smaller recycling bin? If you find your recycling bin is too big or not big enough, you can apply for a smaller, larger or an additional recycling bin. Smaller recycling bins are the same size as the standard waste bin; larger bins are half as big again as the normal recycling bin.

What happens at bank holidays? As we no longer collect recycling and waste on Mondays, the only bank holidays where your bins will be collected on a different day are: Good Friday, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day.

Check the web calendar if you are unsure what day and what to put out for collection.

Missed collections  If your entire road has not had a collection, please leave your bins on the boundary of your property as we will try to collect the following day. before reporting a missed collection and leave your bins on the boundary of your property as usual. If we have not been able to collect on your usual day we will try to collect the following day.

However, if we appear to have missed only your bins, please contact us using our online 'Report a missed bin form' within 48 hours of your collection date so we can rectify the problem in the same week.

Extra waste  We will only collect rubbish that fits in the bin, with the bin lid closed. We do not collect extra bags next to the bin. Take any extra waste to your  local Recycling & Waste Centre (tip); please don't contaminate your recycling bin with excess waste.

Do you need help putting out your bins?  We can help you if you are unable to put out your bins yourself. If you have a disability or are unable to move the bins, email or call us on 01296 585510.

Just moved here?  If you have just moved into a newly built house email or call us on 01296 585510 to arrange your new collections.

If the property you've moved to has missing bins, use the online bin request form to order replacements.

Household waste and recycling centres
There are three centres in the district where you can take any large items or things that don't go in your household bins:

• Aston Clinton- College Road North Aston Clinton HP22 5EZ- off the A41 Aston Clinton bypass.
• Aylesbury - Rabans Close Rabans Lane Aylesbury HP19 8RS
• Buckingham - Yonder Slade Buckingham Industrial Park Buckingham MK18 1RZ.

Village bulky waste freighter
We operate a bulky waste collection service in some villages in Aylesbury Vale on behalf of local parish councils. A waste truck travels from village to village on set days, spending around three hours in each village. Bulk waste items can be disposed of free of charge to residents, but no hazardous waste such as asbestos and oils are allowed.
Please check your village website or noticeboard for dates, or ask your parish clerk to find out if the service is booked for your village, or near where you live. This service is coordinated by AVDC and paid for by individual town or parish councils.


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AVDC Recycling & waste collection service - not flats


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Recycling and waste for flats

If you live in a block of flats with communal bins, how to dispose of recycling and waste

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How to handle and dispose of chemical waste


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Help and advice on how to keep your bin clean


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Recyling and waste advice sheet: Waste disposal in hot weather


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