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Recycling collections

Image of New 'all-in-one' recycling bin

New 'all-in-one' recycling bin

We operate an all-in-one recycling bin collection service, collected on alternate weeks. The recycling bin is larger than the standard AVDC waste bin and has a blue lid to distinguish it from the plain green waste bin. The lid has a notch in the front lip, to help blind and partially sighted people know which bin they're using.

Key tips for better recycling:

  • Please don't put items in your recycling bin with things we can't recycle, in particular plastic sacks or carrier bags, even if they carry a recycling symbol.
  • Contaminated bins won't be collected. When we find bins with items that we can't recycle, we'll leave a note to say what needs to be removed before your next collection day.
  • Please ensure your recycling is placed loose, not bagged, into your bin.
  • Wash and squash tins, cans, plastic bottles
  • To fit more in your bin, please flatten cardboard.
  • Please also rinse out glass bottles and jars, and make sure all containers are empty when they are put into the recycling bin.

What goes in your recycling bin

  • Any paper, including envelopes, glossy or coloured paper
  • Newspapers and magazines, shredded paper
  • Catalogues and phone directories, even Yellow Pages
  • Gift wrapping paper and greeting cards, provided there's no glitter or foil on them
  • Cardboard food boxes, such as cereal boxes and pizza boxes
  • Cardboard boxes used for laundry detergent and dishwasher tablets
  • Cardboard tubes from toilet rolls and kitchen rolls
  • Corrugated cardboard boxes, eg packaging for electrical goods
  • Foil containers and sheets of foil, clean and scrunched up
  • Aluminium and steel tins and cans
  • Aerosol cans
  • Plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays
  • Plastic and cardboard egg boxes
  • Milk and juice cartons, including TetraPak
  • Glass bottles and jars used for food and drink.

What not to put in your recycling bin

  • Batteries
  • Cling film, plastic carrier bags or sacks, bin bags 
  • Dog mess and cat litter
  • Drinking glasses or crockery
  • Empty paint tins
  • Engine oil containers  
  • Oven proof glass, eg Pyrex  
  • Plastic toys
  • Nappies or hygiene products
  • Plastic plant pots
  • Polystyrene, eg packaging beads, drinks cups and hot food trays
  • Scraped-off wallpaper 
  • Textiles, clothing or shoes
  • Electrical items
  • Syringes, hypodermic needles or sharps boxes
  • Any food waste 

Want a larger or smaller recycling bin? If you find your recycling bin is too big or not big enough, you can apply for a smaller, larger or an additional recycling bin. Smaller recycling bins are the same size as the standard waste bin; larger bins are half as big again as the normal recycling bin.