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These pages contain information on our parking services, from detailed maps of our car parks, to information on how to buy a car park permit.

They also give information about what to do if you receive a parking ticket and provide details of our policies on how we enforce the parking restrictions in our car parks.

We are no longer responsible for on-street parking in the Aylesbury Vale district. This includes the enforcement of all on-street parking regulations, yellow lines, waiting and loading regulations and restricted parking areas.  We will however process all previous appeals for penalties issued with the prefix KY.

From 22 March 2012 all on-street parking locations within Aylesbury Vale district will be enforced by NSL on behalf of Bucks County Council.

Please contact NSL, by email or by phone 0843 208 5544.  For more details please click on "On-Street parking" on the navigation pane to your left.

You can find details of all of our services by following the links in this section.

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