​Countywide traffic modelling

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  • Countywide Local Plan Transport Modelling - Phase 3 Technical Note (August 2017)
    Phase three of the modelling support work produces a revised local plan development scenario to replace DS scenarios from phase two. In addition a set of mitigation schemes are tested in order to try and mitigate any impacts arising from the local plan development in terms of increased congestion and travel time. Whilst The main objective of this work is on mitigating highway impacts arising from the local plan developments within Buckinghamshire. This study does not supersede or replace any detailed modelling work that has been done or will be required in future in assessment of the impacts of individual developments. The purpose of this note is only to assess cumulative impacts of development and identify areas where these could be considered significant in terms of travel time changes.

          Appendix A - Congestion Ratio and Travel Time Change by Settlement

          Appendix B (Countywide Model Output Plots)