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Previous evidence

  • Areas of Attractive Landscape and Local Landscape Areas Advice to Aylesbury Vale DC – Final Draft Report (October 2015)

    “Defining the special qualities of local landscape designations in Aylesbury Vale District - Final Report (March 2016)

    This is a final report that takes account of public engagement at the VALP Issues and Options stage (October–December 2015). The report is the same as the previously published draft except there is now an Appendix 3 with a summary of the key issues raised in public engagement. This is an independent report by consultants LUC to provide a review of the AVDLP designated Areas of Attractive Landscape (AAL) and Local Landscape Areas (LLA) and whether they should be redesignated as locally valued landscapes (as set out by the National Planning Policy Framework) in the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan. The review recommends that the majority of the areas currently designated should be retained as valued landscapes but recommends that the Halton/Wendover AAL and Halton, Great Ouse Valley (West) and Poundon Hill LLAs are not designated as valued landscapes.

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  • Landscape Character Assessment and Sensitivity Advice to Aylesbury Vale DC (March 2015)
    This is an independent report by consultants LUC to provide an assessment as to whether the identification of Landscape Character Areas (LCAs) and Areas of Sensitive Landscape (ASLs) in an evidence base by Jacobs for AVDC in 2008 is compliant with the National Planning Policy Framework (2012) and Planning Practice Guidance (2014) approach to valued local landscapes. The study goes on to identify if there are any deficiencies in the process that was undertaken in the two 2008 evidence studies identifying LCAs and ASLs. Where any landscapes have potentially changed as a result of development since 2008, this has also been considered in the work. The assessment also recommended potential policy approaches for the forthcoming Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan Options consultation.

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