​Retail Evidence

Please see below for various reports and information
  • Aylesbury Vale Retail Study 2015
    The study is examines the current retail expenditure patterns in Aylesbury Vale, assess the current trading performance of retail destinations across the district and establish the need for new retail floorspace balancing qualitative and quantitative considerations. This study draws on a combination of on-site surveys and desktop research, and is informed by a new household telephone survey (undertaken in October 2014) which gathers information on expenditure patterns from 1,000 respondents across the survey area. The report identifies convenience shopping floorspace capacity 2019-33 for Aylesbury, Buckingham, Winslow, Haddenham and Wendover whilst also identifying comparison shopping expenditure and floorspace capacity at Aylesbury 2019-2033.
  • Aylesbury Vale Retail Study - Annexes

Following the production of the original retail study the council has been undertaking further work to add more detailed retail evidence to support the next version of the local plan as follows:

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