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This listing gives an A-Z of the sections in this website.


Application form for a Licence to keep a Boarding Establishment for Animals

Form to pay annual fee for a small society lottery under the Gambling Act 2005

Application for a home Boarding Establishment

This form can be used to apply for Small Business Rate Relief for your commercial property.

Application form to keep dangerous wild animals.


Form to tell us what gets in the way of community ideas.

New and replacement Bin Request

Form to submit fully detailed plans, specifications, calculations and other supporting details. This will allow the Building Control surveyor and structural engineer to check they meet with the building regulations.

Use this form to book a building control site inspection.

Request a bulky household items collection online.

Application for a business welcome pack.


Car Park Scratch Card form

Form to arrange parking direct debit.

Caravan site application form.

Use this form to tell us when you move house.

This form will allow housing benfit claimants to claim housing benefits on two propertuies for a short period.

Form to request information about commercial waste collections in Aylesbury Vale

Community centre booking enquiry form

Form to let us know your views on the services we provide.

Use this form to apply for a disabled persons reduction.

You may be entitled to this reduction in Council Tax if you are disabled or have a disabled person living with you.

This form can be used to establish if you are entitled to council tax discount as a single person.

This form is for Housing Associations that wish to apply for a charitable exemption from council tax.

Online claim form for a council tax reduction for an empty property.

A declaration form to complete if you have received a single person discount review.


Application for parking permit for group 1 - 3 and 3a.

Group 4/5 and 5a car park permit application form.

Group 4/5 and 5a Proof of Employment form for parking.


This form will allow you to claim Housing Benefit or Local Housing Allowance for help towards your rent

Please let us know about your experience with our Housing Service


If you would like the Chairman to attend an event, please complete this form.


Form to report missed bins.


Form to express interest in the new homes bonus.

Licensing Act 2003 Premises Licence - Notification of Change of Address - Designated Premises Supervisor


Application to allow parking in a parking bay.

Licensing Act 2003 Premises Licence - Notification of Change of Address - Designated Premises Supervisor

Licensing Act 2003 Personal Licence - Request for Replacement Licence

This form is used to request an investigation by Aylesbury Vale District Council officers into possible breach of planning permission in the Aylesbury Vale District Council area.

This form is related to users making Planning payments Online.

Licensing Act 2003 Premises Licence or Club Premises Certificate - Request for Replacement Licence


A form to report nuisances

Form to report any abandoned vehicles seen in Aylesbury Vale.

Use this form to report any fly-tipping that you find in Aylesbury Vale

Form to report any graffiti found on council property throughout Aylesbury Vale

Complete this form to apply for extra help towards your rent if you are having extreme difficulty in paying your rent. These payments are temporary and cover the shortfall between your Housing Benefit that you receive and your rent each week. This shortfall in benefit may be due to benefits capping, Social Sector Size Criteria (bedroom tax)or for other reasons.

Complete this form to apply for extra help towards your council tax bill if you are having extreme difficulty in paying your bill.

Use this form to request to speak at a planning committee meeting. Please note: You must have received a letter of invitation should you wish to participate at a committee meeting.


Taxi Inspection Date Enquiry

Taxi Licensing incident report

This form enable a taxi driver to change address details, request a reprint of a licence, order new taxi products

Form to sign up for text alerts pre-registration

I/we enquire to use the conference centre and facilities as listed below.

A form to collect the details of theatre in the village performances


Form to unsubscribe from AVDC text alerts.


A form to capture information about young persons democracy week.

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