Abandoned vehicles

Under Section 3 of the Refuse Disposal (Amenity) Act 1978 we have a duty to investigate and remove abandoned vehicles.

The majority of the reports that we receive are for vehicles that are not abandoned. A vehicle is not 'abandoned' simply because the vehicle is untaxed and poorly parked in the same place for a few days.

It is an offence to have a vehicle on the road without tax or to have a vehicle on the road which has a Statutory Off Road Notification (SORN). You can check whether a vehicle is taxed, has an MOT or has been declared off the road by visiting the GOV.UK - vehicle enquiry website and entering the registration and make of the vehicle.

You can report any untaxed vehicles on the public road to the DVLA via their website. [Please note that vehicles are no longer required to display a tax disk.] If a vehicle doesn’t have an MOT and is being used on a public road, you should report to the police by calling 101. 

To report an abandoned vehicle, please complete the online form below and give us as much information as possible. Following an inspection and attempt to notify the owner if we decide the vehicle has been abandoned on a road, we will arrange to have it removed.

If the vehicle is on private land, please contact the landowner directly. We cannot remove a vehicle from private land without the permission of the landowner.

How we deal with abandoned vehicles 

Once we receive an abandoned vehicle report, we will:

  • Check the vehicles tax, MOT and insurance status.
  • An officer will then investigate the vehicle and if on inspection the vehicle is considered to be abandoned a notice will be issued.
    • 7 day notice – if on public land.
    • 15 day notice – if on private land.
    • 24 hour notice – if the vehicle is dangerous.
  • We will then contact the registered keeper, and advise that the vehicle needs to be removed.

Claim an abandoned vehicle

If you are looking to claim a vehicle that has been issued a notice, please contact us.