Animal Licence Fees


£299 (£170 as an additional activity)

Animal Boarding - Catteries, Kennels and Dog Day Care

£368 (£237 as an additional activity).

This fee only covers one of these activities at a premises. If more than one activity is carried out then the additional activity fee will need to be added for each additional activity.

Breeding of dogs

£345 (£214 as an additional activity) plus vet fee for new applications.

The cost of the vet inspection will be paid in addition to the licence fee. By doing this, we ensure fairness with smaller premises paying a lower vet fee than a much larger premises. This fee will be payable prior to issue of the licence.

The Regulations require that a vet inspection is carried out prior to first licence being granted.

Selling animals as pets

£368 (£237 as an additional activity).

Keeping or training animals for exhibit

£234 (£168 as an additional activity)

Dependant on the species/type of exhibit a vet inspection may be required. This will be charged in addition to the licence fee.

Hiring out horses

Quantities Fees
Max 10 horses £366 (£237 as an additional activity) plus vet fees
10 to 20 horses £412 (£280 as an additional activity) plus vet fees
Over 20 horses £455 (£324 as an additional activity) plus vet fees

Vet Inspections for 2 or 3 year licences

All riding schools issued with a 2 or 3 year licence will still require an annual inspection by an authorised RCVS inspectorate vet. The licence holder will be charged for this vet inspection and this will be payable in advance of the inspection being carried out.

Additional horses

If a horse is to be added to the licence, an administrative fee of £15 will be charged and a new licence and/or schedule of horses will be issued. The cost of having a new horse checked by an RCVS inspectorate vet will be paid by the licence holder directly.

Animal Activity Licences

£118 Variation Fee/ Re inspection Fee

The re-inspection mechanism applies in cases where businesses with star ratings of ‘1’ to ‘4’ have accepted their rating and have subsequently made the necessary improvements to address non-compliances identified during the local authority’s previous inspection. This may also apply if a licence holder moves house and requires a re-inspection.
Appeals:  where a further inspection is required due to an appeal against the star rating, the cost of this inspection will be borne by the applicant unless it results in a higher rating being awarded.

Dangerous wild animals and zoos

Dangerous Wild Animals and Zoo licence fees
Licence Fee
DWA - New application (2 year licence) £422 ( plus vet fees)
DWA - Renewal application (2 year licence) £269 (plus vet fees)
Zoo - New application (4 year licence) £686 (plus vet fees)
Zoo - Renewal application ( 6 year licence) £686 (plus vet fees)

Administration fee

Administration fee (e.g. replacement licence) £27.


The Council will refund an unsuccessful applicant with the element of the licence fee relating to ongoing inspections, enforcement and compliance with the regulations and statutory returns.