Assisted Collections

Assisted collection service

We offer an assisted collection service to residents that have difficulty moving their recycling and waste bins to the boundary of their property for collection. This service is provided when there is no-one else over the age of 16 living at the property to help.

With an assisted collection, our recycling and waste crews collect bins from an agreed and appropriate location within the property grounds, empty them and return them to the same location.
You must meet at least one of the following criteria to be eligible for an assisted collection: 

  • Aged 75 or over
  • Have a certified short or long term medical condition
  • Be registered with a disability

If you would like to request this service, and are eligible based on the list above, you will be required to submit an application (please see below) and supply the appropriate following supporting documents: 

  • Confirmation of identity and address (for example: driving licence or recent utility bill)
  • Proof of age (for example: birth certificate or passport or driving licence) 
  • Evidence of being registered disabled (for example: Blue Badge or Certificate of Vision Impairment)
  • A medical certificate or written reference obtained from your doctor/GP


Request an assisted collection service 

If you would like to apply for an assisted collection, please complete our assisted collections form. Alternatively, you can print the assisted collection form and email customer fulfilment or post to the address on the form.

If you qualify for assisted collections you will be notified within 10 working days.

Please note: By requesting an assisted collection, you will be enrolled onto an annual service. This means you have granted Buckinghamshire Council’s collection crew members permission to collect, empty and return your recycling and waste bins from an agreed and appropriate location within your property grounds for a year.

If you only temporarily require an assisted collection service, please cancel your assisted collection service when it is no longer necessary.


Cancel an assisted collection service

If you would like to cancel an existing assisted collection, please complete our online form. Alternatively, you can print the cancellation form and send it via email or post to the address on the form.

Renew an assisted collection service

Our assisted collection service is reviewed annually. 
Renewal applications will be sent to your registered address.

Please ensure you’ve read our Privacy Notice (last updated 01.04.20).