AVDC Design Awards 2004

Winners from the AVDC Design Awards 2014

Huf House, Chearsley Road

Top Merit Award

A contemporary post and beam and glass, two-storey, pre-fabricated home.

  • Designed by: Peter Huf of Huf Haus, Leatherhead. 

Thatched Cottage, Ickford

Top Merit Award

A contemporary new room extension to a mid 18th century thatched cottage in Ickford, with a traditional hand-made oak-framed barn construction.

  • Designed by: John Pace of Roderick James Architects, Totnes.

Bungalow, Cheasley Road

Top Merit Award

Extension and remodelling of 1960’s bungalow in Cheasley Road to create a two storey family home

  • Designed by: West Waddy ADP,  Abingdon.

Rose Cottage, Ford

Certificate of Quality

Renovation of a Grade II Listed thatched witchert building the majority of which was undertaken by the owner.

Greyhound Court, Winslow

Certificate of Quality

Twelve flats on the site of a former building yard in the conservation area, designed using local traditional materials and finishes.

  • Developed and built by: W E Black Ltd, Chesham

30 & 30A High Street & 1-6 Elms Court  Greyhound Lane, Winslow.

Certificate of Quality

Demolition of a derelict office building and construction of two houses and six flats to provide low cost housing.

  • Developer: David Bogle of High Town Praetorian, Hemel Hempstead, with AT4 Architects and Jarvis Construction

Lyell House, Thornton

Certificate of Quality

A new dwelling house built to blend with its village setting.

  • Designed by: I S Mills Associates, Bicester

The Kya, Ludgershall

Certificate of Quality

A new dwelling house on the site of an old cottage, designed to relate to the surrounding cottages and landscape.

  • Designed by: I S Mills Associates, Bicester.

7 & 8 Coleshill, Chilton

Certificate of Quality

Two new houses in a village setting on a hillside site.

  • Built for: the Aubrey Fletcher Estate
  • Designed by:Ian Slater, Thame.