Aylesbury annual car park permits

If you are a regular user of car parks in Aylesbury you may find it makes financial sense to buy an annual car park permit.

Short stay car parks - permits are only available for Coopers Yard and Upper Hundreds car parks.

Traders and retailers permits - are also available. For more information, please contact the parking team.

Our permit prices and groups are shown in the table below:

Permit prices and Groups

 Group Number

 Designated Car Parks

 Cost of Permit

 Group 1 - Short & Long stay

 Coopers Yard, Friarscroft, Hampden House, Walton Green,  Whitehall Street

 Upper Hundreds

 (Excludes: Anchor Lane, Exchange Street, Hale Street,  Walton Street and Waterside)


 Group 3 - Long stay outer

 Friarscroft, Walton Green


 Group 3a - Long stay

 Walton Street Only


 Group 4* - Long stay concession

 Friarscroft, Walton Green, Hampden House


 Group 5* - Long stay - 5 day (Mon - Fri  only) workers permit

 Friarscroft, Walton Green, Hampden House


* These are concessionary permits, to find out if you qualify for a concessionary permit contact the parking team. You will need to submit evidence of your employment ie letter from the company signed on headed paper.

For more information, please contact the parking office.