Aylesbury Garden Town's journey

What we've been doing and what our next steps are

Aylesbury Garden Town logoSince Aylesbury was awarded garden town status in January 2017, our first step has been to bring everyone responsible for the development of the Vale together, and form a partnership. The group includes AVDC, Bucks County Council, two Local Enterprise Partnerships (South East Midlands and Buckinghamshire Thames Valley) and Buckinghamshire Advantage. Together we have:



Formed a Project Group

We have put in place a project team to take the project forward, which includes a dedicated Garden Town Project Manager. We are also putting in place a delivery board to provide leadership and oversight of the general strategy of the project - to make sure the work is being done right.

Appointed specialists

We are receiving support and advice from HYAS, expert consultants who have strong experience in successfully running similar projects. HYAS have reviewed the overall project plan, the governance arrangements, and our stakeholder and engagement strategy.

Received extra funding

Following a bid for more funding, we have received an extra £425,000 from central government on top of the initial £540,000 that was awarded when Aylesbury received garden town status. We have also bid for further capacity funding, with support from HYAS, to further support the project.

Started planning our approach  

We have put together a clear project plan identifying key workstreams and ensured that the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan has clear guiding principles and commitments to enable the garden town to make progress. We will soon be working on a series of Supplementary Planning Documents to support the Local Plan and delivery of Aylesbury Garden Town, focusing on things like putting infrastructure in place, and high quality design principles. Work will also get started on a vision of the future and planning beyond the VALP period of 2033, looking towards the future in 2050.

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