Bedgrove Agreement

The Bedgrove agreement for special consent

Many properties in Bedgrove require special consent to carry out work that would not otherwise require planning permission

About the Bedgrove agreement

When planning permission was granted for much of Bedgrove in 1959, the builders H C Janes Ltd and the Borough of Aylesbury entered into a covenant. You can download a copy of the original agreement and map below.

Is my property affected by the Bedgrove agreement?

Use our 'quick map' to find out if the Bedgrove agreement applies to your property or download a map showing the area it covers.

How does the Bedgrove agreement affect my property?

If the covenant applies to your property, you will need to apply to Buckinghamshire Council for consent to:

  • erect a garage, shed, hut, extension, conservatory or any other structure anywhere on your land
  • park a caravan
  • erect a boundary wall, fence, hedge or any other means of enclosure in front of the building line.

How do I apply for Bedgrove consent?

You will need to complete an application form. There is no charge for applications for Bedgrove consent. However, if you proposal requires planning permission, you do not need to apply for Bedgrove consent as well.