During a recession many people find it difficult to maintain their home or continue to pay their rent.

This section aims to help give you housing advice for the recession.

If you are struggling with your council tax or housing rent, why not speak to us as soon as you
are experiencing difficulties. We will help you find a solution over this difficult time. You could be eligible for council tax benefit, council tax discounts or even a council tax exemption.
Contact the benefits team on 01296 585618 or email: benefits@aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk.

If you find that you are about to be made homeless you should contact our Housing Advice team, who can advise you on your housing options. Follow the related content link below to more information about homelessness. There are also related web links to the Citizens Advice Bureau and Connexions.

HomeBuy is a government led programme which helps individuals and families to get on to the property ladder by offering assistance in a number of different ways. The government has appointed Catalyst Housing Group to promote HomeBuy in the Aylesbury Vale area. Call 01296 585197 or email housingneeds@aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk.

Home insulation
There are grants and discounts currently available to insulate your loft and cavity walls from
the cocoon scheme. If you are over 70 or are in receipt of certain benefits you may be able to
receive the insulation free of charge. To receive free and impartial advice on insulation please contact the local energy efficiency advice centre on 0800 512 012 or visit their website below. 

Healthy Homes Grant
If you have recently been admitted to hospital as an inpatient for cold related ill-health and are
over 60 or have one or more children under 10 living with you, you may be eligible for a grant
for repairing a heating system which has broken down beyond repair. Grants up to £2500 are
available to make your homes warmer. Call 01296 585605, use the related content link or email: envhealth@aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk.

Local Land Charges
We recently cut the prices of local land searches from £160 to £99 to those selling their homes. Call Land Charges on 01296 585039, use our related content link below or email

Local Housing Allowance
Local Housing Allowance provides housing benefit to people on low incomes renting from
private landlords. It is based on income, savings and proof of rent. To see if you are eligible, please contact the benefits team on 01296 585618 or email: benefits@aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk.

Disabled Facilities grants
These means tested grants may be payable towards the cost of having alterations carried out, or facilities to assist with access provided in the homes of people with a disability.
Call 01296 585605 or email: envhealth@aylesburyvalec.gov.uk.

Empty Homes Renovation Grant
The Empty Homes Renovation grant could help you bring an empty property back in use. The
maximum grant available is £20,000 and is dependent on a number of conditions. Call 01296 585606 or email: envhealth@aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk

Date Updated: 11/06/09

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