Bonfire Night and Fireworks

Advice for safe use of fireworks

Using fireworks for bonfire night, new years eve or a celebration is often a memorable and safe experience for many. But for some people it can lead to disaster and serious consequences if firework safety is not followed.

Please follow the firework code for top tips of how to keep yourself and your family safe this bonfire night.

• Only buy fireworks marked 'CE' to show that they are safe and conform to European safety standards.
• Don’t drink alcohol if responsible for setting off fireworks.
• Keep fireworks in a closed box.
• Follow the instructions on each set of fireworks.
• Light fireworks at arms length, using a taper.
• Stand well away from lit fireworks and never approach them once lit. Even if it hasn’t gone off it might still explode.
• Never put fireworks in your pocket or throw them.
• Always supervise children when fireworks/sparklers are being let off.
• Make sure gloves are worn with sparklers.
• Don’t give sparklers to children under 5 years.
• Keep pets indoors.
• Don’t set noisy fireworks off late at night. Never set off fireworks after 11pm.

Did you know...?

  • It is illegal to set off fireworks after 11pm except on 5th November, new years eve, Chinese New Year and Diwali in which case this is allowed until 1am.
  • Bonfires should be at least 18 metres away from houses, trees, hedges ,fences and sheds.
  • Throwing a firework is a criminal offences and you can be fined up to £5000.