Business energy efficiency guide and legislation

Every business has an impact on the environment. To ensure that this level of impact remains within acceptable limits, there is a need to comply with environmental legislation, regulations and targets

Energy efficiency

Switch off equipment

Leaving a single computer and monitor switched ‘on’ for 24 hours-a-day will cost over £50 a year. Switching it off and using ‘stand-by’ features when you are not using it could reduce this to £15 a year. Doing this may also prolong the lifespan of the equipment.

Good maintenance

Equipment which is poorly maintained will not operate efficiently and will need more energy.

Speak to your colleagues

Make sure everyone knows that saving energy will help the company. Ask your colleagues for their ideas on how you could all save energy.

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Environmental legislation covers areas relating to aspects such as air quality, energy, hazardous waste, packaging, solvents, waste from construction and water. Through being more resource efficient your business can reduce its environmental impact that will, in turn, help you comply with appropriate environmental legislation and save money!

More information on sustainability legislation for business can be found on the following websites: