Calvert Green Application Letter

Application for the designation of Calvert Green Parish Neighbourhood Plan

Dear Mr Broadley,

Calvert Green Parish Council resolved at its meeting on 28th November 2019, to develop a neighbourhood plan for the parish of Calvert Green. This letter is the formal application to begin the process.
Regulation 5 of the neighbourhood planning (general) regulations 2012 requires the relevant body to submit, as part of the application, the following:

  1. A map identifying the area of the proposed neighbourhood plan (see appendix 1).
  2. A statement why this area is considered appropriate to be designated (see below ‘statement’).
  3. A statement that the body making the application is a relevant body for the purposes of the 1990 Act (see below ‘statement’ and rationale and Appendix 2).


Calvert Green Parish Council propose to designate, a Neighbourhood area for the purpose of making a Neighbourhood Development Plan as outlined on the accompanying map. This application is considered appropriate for designation as a neighbourhood area because it consists of the whole of the area of the Parish of Calvert Green (see Appendix 1) in accordance with section 61G(3)(a) of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990.

In addition, a parcel of land that falls within the Charndon Parish boundary, has also been included (red shaded area in Appendix 1). Calvert Green Parish Council has already consulted with Charndon Parish Council (see Appendix 2) and the inclusion of this land within this application for Area Designation, has been approved by both Parish Councils in June 2020. The land lies immediately adjacent to the northern built up edge of the village and it has been mutually agreed that its inclusion will enable its future to be considered in the Neighbourhood Plan for the benefit of both communities.

Rational for inclusion of additional land

Calvert Green is a civil parish in Buckinghamshire, England. It was created in 2003 from parts of Charndon and Steeple Claydon civil parishes.

Calvert Green village is built upon old brickworks and the village hall, in the centre of the development, was erected above the former kilns. Calvert Green parish is substantially a rural parish focused on a village. The village is predominantly residential with some small local businesses. The village is central in the parish and does not conflict with any other centre.

When the settlement of Calvert Green was built around 20 years ago, it was part of Charndon parish. In 2003, the parish of Calvert Green was created, predominately from Charndon parish, but with some land from Steeple Claydon parish. These three parish boundaries now meet at the bottom of Brackley Lane in Calvert – at the edge of Calvert Green village. The few residents on Brackley Lane who are in Steeple Claydon and Charndon parishes were consulted at the time on whether they would like to be in the new parish of Calvert Green, but the majority vote was to stay in their respective parishes. Consequently, the boundary for Calvert Green parish starts at the back of the remaining Charndon parish properties in Calvert, which are somewhat remote from the main centre of Charndon parish, which is Charndon village, around 1.5km to the west.

When the parish boundary was drawn, it literally followed the periphery of property boundaries on the west side of Calvert Green village. If you study the map in Appendix 1, you will see that there are many existing road stubs in Calvert Green which intersect the parish boundary with Charndon. We also know that a major housing developer owns the land identified in red (in Charndon parish). This developer has previously engaged with Calvert Green Parish Council to discuss future plans for the expansion of Calvert Green. Whilst no formal planning application was submitted, it was quite clear to both Calvert Green Parish Council and the developer that this would be a natural extension of Calvert Green village at around 1km away from Charndon in this rural location.

This is problematic for Calvert Green parish because any development here will directly extend the village and impact our community, but is actually within the jurisdiction of Charndon Parish Council. Calvert Green Parish Council has a good working relationship with Charndon Parish Council and as part of our planning process for our neighbourhood plan application, we engaged with them to discuss our predicament. They completely support our request to include the identified additional land within our neighbourhood plan and recognise that we should be responsible in respect of any planning proposal on this land due to its immediate impact and extension to our village (consulting with Chardon Parish Council in the process).

The boundary line around the red shaded area in Appendix 1 was decided between us for a number of reasons:

  • Charndon Parish cannot cut off their parishioners in Calvert by extending the boundary further north.
  • Land to the north comprises of a former landfill site and still has a fishing lake in a former clay pit; essentially an area which even the developer admitted they couldn’t build upon.
  • The boundary follows physical features including a drain, thick shrubbery and the exact boundaries of private gardens to help the planning application process.
  • The total area highlighted in red (in Appendix 1) covers all of the area appropriate for development that has potential access from the west of the existing village

Calvert Green Parish Council, as applicant for the designation of this Neighbourhood Area, is a relevant body for the purposes of section 61G of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990 as amended by the Localism Act 2011 which states at paragraph 2 that a relevant body means a parish or town council.

The Parish Council request that you commence processing this application as set out in paragraph 6 of part 2 of the said Regulations to designate the Neighbourhood Plan Area.

Would you please acknowledge receipt of this application and advise on the likely timescales for designation?

Yours faithfully,

Tracy Horsfield - Clerk to Calvert Green Parish Council
Phil Gaskin – Parish Council Chairman
Liza Bangham – Parish Councillor (Neighbourhood Plan project lead)

For further information, please view the letter below: