Clinical Waste Disposal

Arranging collection of medical or clinical waste

Needles and other sharps

If you use needles and other sharps, you should dispose of them in a yellow sharps box (available from your local surgery), or return them to a needle exchange facility or pharmacy.

Contact us to arrange collection of the yellow sharps box. We will only make a collection if you have 4 or more boxes.

Clinical and healthcare waste

We provide a free collection service for residents who need to dispose of clinical and healthcare waste.

Clinical waste such as dressings and dialysis and blood catheters should not be put in household bins. We will provide special bags for this waste.

For healthcare waste, such as incontinence pads, we provide either a larger bin or special bags, whichever is most suitable for your needs.

To apply for this service you will need to have our registration form completed at your doctors surgery. Most doctors surgeries have a copy of this form already, or you can print it off here and take it or email it to your surgery.

Ask your surgery to complete the form and return it to us.  

The completed form can be scanned in and uploaded here

Found clinical waste in a public place?

If you find a syringe in a public place, please email us so we can advise you on how to dispose of it correctly.

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