Collection information

When do we collect, assisted collections and help

We make collections Monday – Friday and the correct bin must be out for collection by 6:30am on the morning of your collection. Bins should be placed for collection at the kerbside and not on the property, unless you have an agreed assisted collection.

For information on your bin collections visit the find your bin day webpage

You must check what type of waste can be placed into each of your bins. If the wrong items are placed in the bin, we will not be able to empty them. Find out what goes in each bin.

Waste bins

  • You must not place any excess waste next to your green-lidded waste bin as it will not be collected.

Recycling bins

  • We operate an all-in-one recycling bin collection service, collected on alternate weeks to your green-lidded waste bin.

  • We want to encourage you to recycle so we will take excess recycling next to your blue-lidded recycling bin.  It must be easily identified as recycling.

Food waste

  • Your food waste bin is collected every week on the same day, but at a different time, as your other bins.

Garden waste

Assisted collections

  • If you need help moving your bins we can offer you an assisted collection. Find out more here.

Missed bins

  • If you think we have missed your bin on collection day you must report it to us after 6pm on your collection day and within 24 hours.

Clinical waste

Further information

  • If you live in a flat or apartment you may have communal bins and may have different collection days. Read our communal bins advice leaflet.
  • If you are a large family we may be able to provide you with larger bins. Please contact us for more information.