Pre-application service

We can provide informal advice to help you get your planning application right first time.

Fees apply (please note: no cheques will be accepted for this service)

You should include the following

  • location plan
  • details of proposed internal and external changes
  • details of proposed signage and any illumination
  • information about the proposed use
  • proposed trading hours
  • photos and/or any other plans to help illustrate any proposed external changes or additions.

We can provide initial advice for changes of use of buildings or land, alterations and extensions to non residential buildings, comprising less than 100sqm.

Please note this excludes pre-application advice for fencing, telecommunication mast/equipment, wind turbines, car parking, and advertisements, removal of hedgerows and high hedges and potential notifications.

Please note: Applications related to rural worker dwellings must be received as a full application, Pre-application advice cannot be provided for this type of development.