Community resilience

What is community resilience?

Community resilience is about communities using local resources and knowledge to help themselves during an emergency in a way that complements the local emergency services.

How can I help?

Prepare yourselves and your neighbours for an emergency. Ask yourself the 3 following questions to assess how prepared your community is and what you can do:

• are you aware of the risks you and your community might face, eg flooding
• how can you help yourself and those around you during an emergency
• what can you do to get involved in emergency planning in your community

You may find these guides useful:

Preparing for Emergencies: Guide for communities and Resilience/Emergency Planning – the roles for Local Councils in light of recent flooding

In the longer term, you could consider volunteering for one of the organisations that regularly helps local authorities and emergency services:

Bucks Search and Rescue
(known as BSAR)
Carry out search and rescue operations for the police in both urban and rural locations.

BUX and Oxon 4 x 4 Response Group
(known as BORG)
Provide all-road and all-weather transport with experienced drivers and their own vehicles to support other responders. Call the Secretary on 07765 426595.

British Red Cross Society
(known as the Red Cross)
First aid and emotional support to victims and their responders. Call 0845 054 7111.

Radio Amateurs Emergency Network
(known as Raynet)
Provide resilient communications capability through UHF and VHF radio, should mobile or landline networks fail.

RVS (formerly known as Women's Royal Voluntary Service)
Administration, catering and welfare, particularly rest centres. Supporting victims and responders.

Salvation Army
Christian church based organisation providing catering, welfare, and administration, tracing relatives and some escorted transport. Call 01296 398336.

St John Ambulance
(known as St John's)
Support to frontline ambulance service, first aid and emotional support to victims and their responders. Call 01296 744360.