Community Right to Bid

The scheme gives eligible community groups the right to identify land/property and ask the council to list it as being of value to the community.

What is the Community Right to Bid?

If an asset is listed and then comes up for sale, a community group is allowed time to prepare a bid for the property.

Listing a property as an asset of community value does not give the community group any right to buy or acquire any interest in the land/property. There is no obligation on the land owner to dispose of the land to the community group. Nor does it preserve the land/property for community use or any other particular purpose.

Who can bid?

  • local parish councils
  • community groups (an unincorporated group with at least 21 members who are registered to vote in the district)
  • local neighbourhood forums
  • industrial of provident societies
  • companies limited by guarantee
  • charities
  • community interest groups


What does ‘land of community value’ mean?

A building or land in Aylesbury Vale district is land of community value if in the Council's opinion:

  • an actual current use of the building or land (that is not an ancillary use) furthers the social well being or social interest of the local community, and
  • it is realistic to think that there can continue to be a non-ancillary use of the building or land which will further the social well being or social interests of the local community

Social interests include (a) cultural interests; (b) recreational interests; (c) sporting interests. Social well-being relates to social interaction and engagement. It is a sense of involvement with other people and their communities.

Can any building or land be listed as having community value?

The following are generally excluded from the community right to bid:

  • residential property
  • holiday dwelling
  • hotel
  • operational land of statutory undertakers (eg transport infrastructure)
  • licensed and some unlicensed caravan sites

How can my community group nominate an asset?

Please complete our nomination form.

We aim to assess any nominations within 8 weeks of receipt.

Following consultation with the owners and interested parties, and if we feel a nominated property does have community value, we will add it to the register of assets of community value. Assets will remain on the register for 5 years and a restriction and local land charge will be registered against them.

If we refuse the nomination, reasons will be given and the property will be added to the ‘list of unsuccessful nominations for assets of community value’ and will remain there for 5 years.

Is there an appeals process?

Property owners have the right to request a review of our decision, and there is an appeals process to an independent body. Further guidance will be provided to the owner of the property at that time.

Nominators are not able to appeal the decision made. However, a complaint can be made using our complaints procedure if you feel we have not followed the correct procedure.

How can we make a bid?

Once a property is listed as an asset of community value, the owner must notify us of his intention to sell it.

We will publicise this on our website and let all known interested parties know in writing.

Any community group wishing to bid must write to us within 6 weeks of receiving our written notification confirming its expression of interest to purchase the property.

The group will have 6 months to place its bid. If there is more than one community group interested in purchasing we would encourage those groups to work together. The 6 months runs from the date the owner notifies us of their intention to sell the property.

The community group can negotiate with the property owner at any time over the 6 months provided the owner is willing to do this. The community group must, however, keep us informed of developments.

At the end of the 6 month period, the owner has the option to sell to the community group or to sell it freely on the open market.

More information

Part 5, Chapter 3 Localism Act 2011
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Download the expression of interest form.

Download a flowchart explaining the bidding process.

View decision notices for all land nominated for the register of assets of community value
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