Community trigger

What is the community trigger?

The Community Trigger is a process by which victims of repeat anti social behaviour who feel that no one is dealing with the problems that they are experiencing can request that their case is reviewed. The victim may have made reports of anti social behaviour to various agencies including Buckinghamshire Council, the Police, housing association or health provider.

Once requested, the relevant agencies will come together to discus the Community Trigger and work together to review the case and decide if any further action can be taken to resolve the anti social behaviour being experienced.

The Community Trigger is not a complaints procedure – if you wish to make a complaint about the way in which an organisation has dealt with your case you should enquire with them about their complaints procedure. It is also not a process for reporting new anti social behaviour cases; more information on how to report anti social behaviour can be found on our anti-social behaviour page.

Criteria for requesting a Community Trigger

The Community Trigger can be used when either:

  • three reports of anti-social behaviour have been made by one person to the council, police or registered social landlord about the same issue in the last six months, and you feel no action has been taken; or
  • five individuals have separately reported related issues in the last six months and feel no action has been taken. These must be separate incidents and not different residents reporting the same incident.

All reports must have been reported within one month of the incident occurring.

How to request the Community Trigger

You can apply for the Community Trigger by completing the application form.

More information regarding the Community Trigger, including the process that you can expect should you submit a Community Trigger application, can be found in our guide for residents which can be downloaded below.

Community Trigger requests

This table shows the number of Community Trigger applications in Aylesbury Vale received by Buckinghamshire Council over the last few years and the resulting actions.

Time Period

Number of Community Trigger applications

Number of applications where threshold was not met

Number of case reviews carried out

Number of cases where recommendations were made

Jan- Dec 2016





Jan – Dec 2017





Jan – Dec 2018





Jan - Dec 2019

2 ** 0 0 N/A

*One application in 2016 was withdrawn by the applicant

** Both applications in 2019 were withdrawn by the applicants

  Community Trigger Application form
  Community Trigger Process Map
  Community Trigger Appeals Process Map