Tell us when we haven't got things right

We provide a wide range of services to residents and business and deal with thousands of enquiries every week.

We aim to give you the best possible service, as outlined in our Customer Charter.  However, we also appreciate there may be times when we don’t get it right and will do our best to put things right and learn from your feedback to make sure we continuously improve our services.

If you wish to make a complaint please check our policy (outlined below). Please note: any complaints must be made within a reasonable time.

If you’d like to complain about our service, you can:

  • Complete our complaints form online

  • Call the Customer Relationship Team on 01296 585858

  • Write to us at: Customer Relationship Team, The Gateway, Gatehouse Road, Aylesbury, HP19 8FF

What isn't classed as a complaint?

The exceptions are summarised below - for further details please see our full Comments, Compliments and Complaints Policy.

  • A request for service delivery or requests for information
  • Reporting service faults and defects for appropriate remedial action
  • Enquiries received due to events that are unplanned and unforeseen
  • Disagreement with a council policy, or a rule of law that the council is applying when delivering a service
  • Legal disputes which in the opinion of the council, it is not appropriate to be dealt with in accordance with the complaints policy
  • Matters which have a right of appeal or review etc. either within the council or to an independent tribunal
  • Matters which are the responsibility of another body, e.g. Bucks County Council
  • A request for unpublished information from our files and records

Our complaints policy

Our complaints policy is based on a two-stage process. However, we reserve the right to adopt a one stage response in appropriate cases. For example cases where there has already been a long period of correspondence or the nature of the complaint is such that an internal review of the complaint would be disproportionate or unlikely to affect the outcome.

What happens next?

Our two-stage compliants policy is outlined below and a written version can be viewed here.

Stage 1 - handling complaints at the point of service delivery

AVDC Complaints Process - Stage 1


Stage 2 - review/follow up by head of service, director or service manager

AVDC Complaints Process - Stage 2


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