Contaminated Land Public Register

Buckinghamshire Council must maintain a register of any sites that have been formally determined to be contaminated.

Each enforcing authority is required to maintain a register which contains details of any remediation notices which have been served, any appeals against remedial notices, notices of any land which has been designated as special sites and the name of the person on which a remedial notice has been served.

The register must be made available to members of the public for them to view free of charge. Copies of the documents should also be made available for a reasonable fee.

There are some exclusions from the register as some information may be confidential. For example any information, which is seen by the Secretary of State that may not be in the interest of national security, or any personal details which are protected by the Data Protection Act, 1998.

To date no sites have been formally determined as contaminated and therefore our public register has no entries.