Councillor Call for Action

The Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007 included a power to enable all Councillors to ask for discussions at scrutiny committees on issues where local problems have arisen and other methods of resolution have been exhausted.

Councillors already have the opportunity to put forward suggestions for issues that they would like the Scrutiny Committees of the Council to look into. However, this legislation sought to raise the profile of this ability by introducing a Councillor Call for Action.

It allows a Councillor to raise an issue in their ward with the Scrutiny Committees – there are conditions placed on the kind of issues that can be raised – and for the Committee to formally consider the request and report back their views to the Councillor concerned.

The legislation also introduced the opportunity for a Councillor to request that a County Scrutiny Committee considers an issue and vice versa. In all instances, however, the intention is that the Councillor will have tried all other means at their disposal to resolve an issue before raising a Councillor Call for Action.

More detailed guidance, can be found below, including a Councillor Call for Action request form which Councillors can use to submit a Call for Action.