Cumulative Growth Impact - Aylesbury

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  • Cumulative Growth Impact - Aylesbury - Final Report, June 2017
    This report is prepared to provide an assessment of the cumulative impact of the growth anticipated to come forward around the existing urban area of Aylesbury. As detailed in Figure 1 this comprises the following 6 principal areas: Berryfields, Aylesbury East, Woodland, Aylesbury South East, Aylesbury South and Aylesbury South West. Some of these areas are subject to current construction, some are still at planning stage and subject to masterplan iterations, while some areas are yet to come forward. The impacts of each site are tested individually as they progress through the planning system but, in order to ensure that future delivery of Aylesbury Garden Town is sustainable and well integrated into the town’s existing urban edge, it is important that Buckinghamshire Council are able to reach conclusion on the cumulative impact of this growth. This report is therefore intended to be used to inform the Local Plan Sustainability Appraisal as well as any further policy updates / mitigation that could be considered ahead of the Proposed Submission draft should impact be considered to require further mitigation. The Council in preparing the VALP is required to carry out a screening of the potential effects of proposed development on environmentally important European Sites including Special Areas of Cons