Disabled facilities grant

Grants of up to £30k are available to eligible owner occupiers and certain tenants to assist in carrying out adaptation's to properties to enable a disabled person to continue to live safely in their home.

Who can apply for a disabled facilities grant?

Applicants for disabled facilities grants must be referred by a Buckinghamshire Council's community occupational therapy department.

What type of work will the grant allow?

The following types of work, when recommended by the occupational therapist for a disabled person, are eligible for grant funding, providing they are necessary and appropriate:

  • making the building or dwelling safe
  • facilitating access to and from the building, including the garden
  • facilitating access to or providing a bedroom
  • facilitating access to the principal family room
  • provision of a room containing a bath or shower or facilitating the use of such a facility
  • provision of a room containing a WC or facilitating the use of such a facility
  • facilitating the preparation and cooking of food (only if used by the disabled person)
  • providing or improving a heating system
  • facilitating the use of power, light or heat by altering the same or by providing additional means of control
  • facilitating access and movement around the dwelling to enable the disabled person to provide care for another person

What conditions are attached to the grant?


The applicant for a disabled facilities grant must be either an owner or a tenant (Housing Association or private). A grant can only be approved if the works are considered to be reasonable and practical having regard to the age and condition of the dwelling.

Means test

All applications are subject to a means test (except when the adaptations are for a child) to determine the amount to be contributed by the applicant towards the cost of the works. Generally the means test focuses on the disabled person, his or her spouse and dependent children.

Grant limit

The statutory grant limit is £30k, but where necessary, depending on the circumstances of the case, additional funding may be secured by a flexible home loan ( home-owners over 60 years old only) or by applying for a discretionary DFG top-up.

If you would like further information about disabled facilities grants, please contact the Staying Put team.