Discussion Documents on Main Modifications

Main Modifications

These documents are for discussions between the Inspector and AVDC on the Main Modifications. The Inspector is not inviting comments from representors on these documents and has not set a deadline for replies from the Council. As the responses from the Council become available they can be viewed via the document links below. 

Inspector’s Discussion

Date  Title Council's Response Date 
D6 11/12/2018 Policy H6    
D5 02/12/2018 Inspector's response to points raised by AVDC in relation to his Interim Findings    
D4 04/09/2018 Policy H3    
D3 03/08/2018 Gatehouse Industrial Estate 



D2 03/08/2018 Policies NE1 and NE2     
D1 03/08/2018 Policy E5    


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