Dog waste bins

Dog fouling and dog bins

If you walk a dog, even one belonging to someone else, you are responsible for cleaning up after the dog if it fouls on public land. Dog fouling spoils the environment, upsets residents and can cause serious health risks; particularly to children. Always carry a bag when you take your dog out so you can clean up after it. Failure to comply could result in a fine of up to £1000.

There are dedicated dog bins across the Vale so there is no excuse for not clearing up after your dog. If there is no dog bin nearby, please dispose of this waste in a standard litter bin or take the bag home with you and discard it in your green waste bin. Dog bins are emptied weekly. If you notice a full, damaged or vandalised dog bin:

Request for a new dog waste bin

To request a new dog waste bin, please contact your town or parish council.