Ed Holt, Agile Business Consortium

Agile Business Consortium

Ed is a ‘seasoned’ (ie old!) executive with a 30 year track record in the software industry covering both large scale applications (at IBM leader MSA) and software development (4GL / OO / Component / CASE – you name it!). He was instrumental in the founding of the Agile Business (formerly DSDM) Consortium over 20 years ago, when it led the drive for responsive software development – this was the very early days of ‘Agile’ even though it wasn’t called that in those days!

Since 1994 the not-for-profit Consortium has been evolving an industry standard for building systems in an iterative (Agile) way. Now there are thousands of organisations running projects of all sizes using DSDM to great effect, delivering what the users want in a responsive manner.

As first chairman of the Consortium, Ed has seen the Agile movement evolve for over 20 years and now sees a trend to take Agile into the wider business, beyond ‘just’ IT projects.

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