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On the 28 July AVDC received the Independent Examiners Report on the Edlesborough Neighbourhood Plan. The examiner decided that a public hearing was not necessary and has recommended that the plan proceed to referendum with minor modifications. AVDC has made the decision to accept the examiners report and the neighbourhood plan will proceed to referendum which will take place on the 5 October 2017. The Information Statement is available giving detail on the referendum.

Supporting documents:

Previous Updates: 

Final Examiners Report: On the 28 July 2017 AVDC received the final examiners report for the independent examination of the Edlesborough Neighbourhood Plan. The examiner has recommended that the plan proceed to referendum subject to modifications. AVDC has agreed to the modifications and the final referendum version will be made available in due course along side information regarding the referendum.

Submission to AVDC: The Edlesborough Pairsh Council submitted the ENP to Aylesbury Vale District Council on the 06 April 2017. The consultation period lasted 6 weeks and closed at 5 pm on 18 May 2017. 

Regulation 16 Submission Consultation Responses Vol 1
Regulation 16 Submission Consultation Responses Vol 2
Regulation 16 Submission Consultation Responses Vol 3
Regulation 16 Submission Consultation Responses Vol 4

What is the Edlesborough Neighbourhood Plan

The Edlesborough Neighbourhood Plan (ENP) is the emerging development plan for the Edlesborough Neighbourhood Area, coving the same are as the Parish, for the plan period of 2013-2033. On adoption it will form part of the Development Plan, which planning applications in that area will be assessed against. The ENP is a comprehensive plan which has policies that look to shape development across the parish and its three villages of Edlesborough, Northall and Dagnall. The plan proposes four housing allocations for up to 76 dwellings and allocates a reserve site for up to 40 dwellings across the villages of Edlesborough and Northall. The plan further reserves land for the expansion of the Primary School and Health Centre as well as the designation of 8 Local Green Spaces across the three villages. The plan further supports infill development, economic expansion and the protection and enhancement of community facilities.

Relevant Consultation Documents

Edlesborough Neighbourhood Plan – Submission Version
Edlesborough Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions Statement
Edlesborough Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement
Edlesborough Neighbourhood Plan Site Assessment Report
Edlesborough Neighbourhood Plan Local Green Space and Landscape Study Report
Edlesborough Neighbourhood Plan Strategic Environmental Assessment – Submission Version
Edlesborough Neighbourhood Plan Buildings of Local Interest Report

Where Supporting Documents can be inspected

The above Consultation documents are available to be viewed at the following locations:

Edlesborough Clerk’s Office

(Ms Penny Pataky)

c/o 15 Summerleys


Dunstable Beds


Monday-Friday 10.30-14.30

Please call to make an appointment on 01525 229 358

AVDC, The Gateway, Gatehouse Road Aylesbury, HP19 8FF

Monday 08.45 - 17.15

Tuesday 08.45 - 17.15

Wednesday 08.45 - 17.15

Thursday 08.45 - 17.15

Friday 08.45 - 16..45

Saturday - Closed

Sunday - Closed

How to Comment on the Plan

To comment on the ENP you can complete the comments form and then email the completed form by the consultation deadline to: planningpolicy@aylesburyvaledc.gov.uk or return your completed form by post by the consultation deadline to:

Neighbourhood Planning Officer Aylesbury Vale District Council
Forward Plans
Community Fulfilment
The Gateway
Gatehouse Road
HP19 8FF

Please Note: If sending comments by post please allow up to two working days for the post to be delivered. Any comments received after the 5pm deadline on the 18th of May will not be taken into account. Additionally you can request to be notified of AVDC’S decision to make the plan once an examination and referendum has taken place.

Next Steps

Following the closing of the consultation period for comment, AVDC will collate all the responses and submit them to an Independent Examiner for the document to be examined, and then if successful, the Neighbourhood Plan will be taken forward for a public referendum of the local Electorate where the local community in Edlesborough can decide either in favour or against the making of the Edlesborough Neighbourhood Development Plan.

Previous Neighbourhood Area Information

Consultation on the Edlesborough Neighbourhood Plan Area was undertaken in Autumn 2015. On the 2nd November 2015, AVDC approved the Neighbourhood Plan Area for the Edlesborough Neighbourhood Plan. You can view the application and report below

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